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Nicer car, bigger house, whatever your heart desires.  Everybody wants to live The Good Life.  But what happens when dreams become nightmares and the promise of freedom leads to a life of imprisonment? What happens when you discover that all that’s gold loses its glitter?

Maybe the rich and famous aren’t living The Good Life.  Maybe our dreams are rooted in lies. And maybe, just maybe those who have less really have more.

What is The Good Life…really?

In this book, titled after his acclaimed fourth album, The Good Life, Christian rap artist and author, Trip Lee, unveils what the world, the flesh and the devil promote as the ultimate and most satisfying life. He then explains what The Good Life really is: a life within our reach and yet beyond anything this world has to offer.

Imagine: The Good Life.


Product Details

Moody Publishers
ISBN-13: 9780802408594
Retail Price: $10.99


The Audio Book

Trip Lee is working hard to create an Audio Book for you.  If you’ve enjoyed his music, you will love listening to Trip read his book!  The audio book is rhythmic, dramatic and adds a different dimension to reading.  Trust me when I say that reading has never been so fun.

Once the audio book is created, we’ll be sure to let you know how to receive it.  Go here. Just leave the following comment in the inquiry section, “I’d like to receive more information about The Good Life Audio Book” along with your name and email address.


If you have read The Good Life, we would love to hear what you thought about the book.  Please leave your comment below and tell us what you were encouraged by, how you are going to live The Good Life, or anything else you would like to say.  We want to share in what God is doing in your life!


48 comments on “The Book
  1. Harry chilakalaka says:

    your book is a very good book Trip coz right now iam able to know how i can live a good life(alwayz walk by faith)

  2. Cody Weaver says:

    ya buddy!!!:)

  3. Quentin says:

    I just ordered mine can’t wait plus going to the Unashamed tour 2012 in Chicago

  4. Kim Testas says:

    If I head to Amazon and pre-order the book today, how do I ensure I get the “free music” promised with my pre-order. I don’t see any information about that on the Amazon site.



    • thegoodlife says:

      Hey Kim, free music is offered to the first 10,000 to purchase the book and download the music. If you purchase today, you’ll definitely be within the first 10,000! All you need to do is purchase the book, head to the homepage of the site (, insert your informatino and a picture of your receipt, and the music is yours!

  5. CB LIZ says:

    I’m excited to read this book after being able to read the first chapter. I have always love Trip Lee’s message and how deep his songs go to honor God. People often as me why am I so in love with Trip and I always correct them by saying I am in love with how Trip is spreading God’s word. One Sixteen and Fallin are two of my favorite songs on the latest album and I’m praying for the success of these project in full glory to the most high God.
    In his name
    CB Liz

  6. Richard Baliko says:


    The Reach Records website said that the first 10,000 pre-orders will get free new music. Does this include purchasing the audio book or just the physical book? I would like to purchase the audio book rather than the physical book so I can list to it will I’m driving or doing things around the hose.

    • thegoodlife says:

      Hey Richard, that’s a great question. Trip and Moody Publishers are working hard to find a way to get the audio book into the hands of those who purchased the physical book (or ebook). Once the recording is completed, we’ll be contacting those who have submitted their information on this site. So, feel free to purchase the physical book, input your information here:, get free music and, Lord willing, a free audio book download in a month or so.

  7. Noah Niederschuh says:

    Hey i just bought the book, where do i get the new free music.

  8. Kevin Foster says:

    I’d like to receive more information about The Good Life Audio Book!

  9. Craig D. Greatman says:

    I’m a pastor on the grind in Lancaster, CA, a not quite urban community in Los Angeles County, where hip-hop is a large part of a subculture here. Your message is so deftly and eloquently proclaimed in your music. I cannot wait to read your book. Shalom & much grace

    Craig Greatman
    Lead Pastor/Planter
    Real Life Community Church
    Lancaster, CA

  10. Lance Cosby says:

    I would like to preorder the book.

  11. Steve Bilimek says:

    Loving the quotes on Facebook! I’m a youth pastor and have been sharing those quotes with the teenagers (and encouraging them to be followers). Excited to get the whole book in my hands!

  12. Royal Ezenwa says:

    I’d like to receive more information about The Good Life Audio Book

  13. Royal Ezenwa says:

    Send more information about The Good Life Audio Book please!

  14. Jeffery Ferrell says:

    Really would like to have a version in iBooks on my iPad. Is that available or forthcoming?

    • thegoodlife says:

      Hey Jeffery! Unfortunately we currently do not offer the book in iBooks. However, the book is offered in just about every other e-version of books. SOrry for any inconvenience! Also note that the ebook is available for $2.99 this week only. Hopefully the decrease in price offsets the sadness of the book not being offered in the Apple store. :)

  15. Bruce Itai Chimani says:

    How do I get the book. I am in Zimbabwe and the message on the Good Life album just came at the right time in my life and I am sure the book will take it even a level higher.

    • thegoodlife says:

      Hey Bruce! We’re so glad to hear you were blessed by music and we trust that the book will continue to point you to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. You can purchase the book through several vendors which you can find here: Also, after you purchase the book, be sure to get free new music from Trip! The first 10,000 to purchase the book are eligible. After purchasing the book, all you need to do is go to the home page of the website (, enter your information (with your receipt attached to the form), and you get the goods!

  16. adley says:

    I love this book. I’m only half done with it. I saw there were not any reviews yet today so I just wanted to throw in my 2c.

    The writing style is very good and makes you want to just keep on reading. It’s easy to relate to and very easy to understand. I hope more people from Reach would write books. I hope Trip doesn’t totally stop making music. I think it would have been cool if this book came out the same date as the Good Life album as a package deal. Anyway you look at it I hope Trip keeps writing books. I hope Lecrae will come out with his own Bio sometime in the near future. Much Love Reach!!!

  17. Earl Campbell says:

    This book was a purchase I made because I love Trip’s music. I will now purchase more of Trip’s music because I love this book. Can’t put it down. The last time I had a book like this to read was “Crazy Love” by Francis Chan. Trip has a very unique writing style that can’t be faked. Authentic as it comes. Great read!!!!

  18. Kris Hartmann says:

    Hey Trip, thank you so much for this book. Being in ministry and working with students we sometimes forget what God is doing not just through the students but through me, the minister, as i walk along side this students. this book was a great encouragement to my spirit. I read it in about 6 hrs. Great resource to teach others that the good life isn’t in earthly wealth but in the eternal things that last. God bless

  19. Josh Hull says:

    Hey Trip! I am so excited to read this book. After seeing other people’s comments about it, I am sure that it will be a great read. I just wanted to bring something to your attention. When I am trying to enter the info that is required to get the free music that comes along with the book, the website keeps telling me that I entered the reCAPTCHA wrong. Other people have posted on your Facebook that they are having the same problem. I just thought that I would bring this to your attention. Thank you for all that you and your team do! God bless!

    • thegoodlife says:

      Hey Josh, sorry for the difficulty. We just sent you an email addressing the issue. Let us know (via email) if you have any other difficulty.

      • Andrew Gale says:

        Hi! I am have been having the same issue with submitting my info, is there any chance you could send me the same email addressing this problem so I can get the music too? Thank you!

        • thegoodlife says:

          Hey Andrew, we sent you an email via email. Hopefully you received that and were able to get your new music. Holla!!

  20. bennettc says:

    I read the first chapter in the preview, and it is definately going to be worthwhile. I pre-ordered, and received this awesome music by Trip. GET IT

  21. Butch Mayhew says:

    Just ordered off of amazon, excited to read this toward the end of this week. Really looking forward to the Audio book. From the few spoken word videos I have seen come across I am pumped. Also See ya in Bham!

  22. Caleb Vahcic says:

    Thanks, Trip, for this inspiring book for both believers and nonbelievers, along with greatly reaching out to the urban culture. Your writing style is very easy to read and relate to, and it is a blessing to see God work through you in reading this book.

    “The Good Life” hits main points that truly need to be addressed even within the modern day Christian church, and it strongly encourages all believers (and even nonbelievers reading) to seek and live the good life to God’s glory. I am really impressed with the engaging style, and praise be to God for the impact this book seems to have already had and will definitely have.

    Grace and Peace

  23. Shane Grimes says:

    Hey Trip! I cant wait to read this book. Just bought it on my kindle. I know it’s going to be amazing. Your songs are just as amazing. As i try to send in a picture of my receipt of the purchase of the book, it keeps denying the picture i upload. It is a jpeg image file, but it wont accept it. I see others with this problem and i see that they are receiving help through an email. Thanks for your help! Thanks for sharing your heart with the world through your lyrics and now this book!

  24. Daniel says:

    I just got my book today from Amazon. When I entered my info for the 3 free songs, it doesn’t even say anything if it went through or not. I’ve been waiting this morning when I first got hold of the book hop on and still waiting. How long does it take to get the email I even add your guys at my contacts to make sure it doesn’t go to the junk folder.

    • thegoodlife says:

      Hey Daniel, we sent you an email via email. Hopefully you received that and were able to get your new music. Holla!!

  25. Mark R. says:

    I purchased your book from barnes and noble, and was wondering if I could get the new music and how to go about getting. thank you sir.

  26. ray says:

    hey trip i have a questi0n d0 y0u get free music if y0u buy the b00k 0ff amaz0n 0r barnes and n0b1e

    s0rry s0me f my keys d0nt w0rk right

  27. Jessica says:

    Trip, loved the book. Can’t wait for the audio version to come out. Was just talking to one of my friends yesterday (before I knew there was an audio version coming) that you needed to do one. So i am so thankful that you are. God has truly blessed you with some great gifts and talent. See you in and the rest of 116 in Charlotte.

  28. ray says:

    hi i have another question.when i try and get the free music i put a picture of my receipt and it told me the file was to big so what should i do?

  29. Andrew Gale says:

    Yup got it and is downloaded! Thanks a lot!! One more question,in the book it says you get 5 free songs, are there a couple more comin or is that just a typo, if not its all good! the ones that I got are amazing!I was just wondering.

  30. Christian says:

    Just got the book. Love it so far! great forward by Matt Chandler! I’m loving the music as well and wondering how, if I could, get the lyrics to the 3 free songs you get with the book Especially the one sixteen movement remix, love that song! Canon and Braille go hard!

  31. Jacob says:

    I loved the book it was a really good book I bought it from google play store so I was reading it in my school like I said it is a very great and uplifting book and are you going to write anymore books?

  32. Daine Kathileen says:

    hi ‘my name is daine, and was wondering how to have the book” The Good Life”, which only live in Brazil, what do I do?

  33. Dustin Gentile says:

    I am a huge fan of Trip’s music, and after reading his book, it was evident that the raw, passionate he brings to his rhymes is present when you read this book. It was really encouraging to hear that my focus and my approach to my faith is paralleled by his views in his book “The Good Life.” I highly recommend this book to everyone who truly wants to live the good life.

  34. dane says:

    Loved the book very informative cant wait for the audio book

    • thegoodlife says:

      We’re still working on the audio book and hope to have it completed later this year. After beginning the project, we realized what a HUGE undertaking it is, and also realized that Trip is a very busy person. Sooooo, this may take longer than expected but, Lord willing, we’ll have the audio in 2013! Keep that in prayer… :)

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